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Since 1985

CMN Hospital has a stellar reputation for compassion and integrity and is well known in San Luis, Mexico and now other countries as well. Making a meaningful, trusting, connection with our patients is imperative.

Patients receive safe, high-quality care that they deserve.The compassion care standard is consistent throughout the hallways of CMN Hospital with each medical staff member. Even the food servers and cleaning staff are smiling and caring. You will feel safe and cared for. Our emergency and ICU department is downstairs and is always prepared for medical emergencies. We have a compassionate evening medical staff that will be there even if you are just missing your family and need to talk.

They feel motivated and inspired by our medical team during treatments. We are very mindful of daily comfort and make it our priority to give exceptional support that is necessary! A vital part of healing is the compassionate care we demonstrate through the entire inpatient hospital experience. When it is time for discharge, patients feel prepared and confident with a strategic aftercare treatment protocol set in place. Some therapies at home will last approximately three months while others may be diet change, exercise and supplementation as part of a new lifestyle. Patients have a connection with a doctor that will last however long is necessary.